This man, pissed at his enemy, but who is he exactly? 
More on the part 2 of this shoot :) Steampunk style Duel
Here is my second concept. 
My first idea was to create a picture with a single character, standing in some sort of desert. But as I was working the montage, I added elements like the city, then the fire and smoke, and finely I added the zeppelins airship. 
I love the mood. 
Tell me what you think. I want to get better, I need your feedback.

Voici mon second concept. 
Ma première idée était de crée une image avec simplement un personnage, debout, dans un environnement désertique. J'ai ajouté des éléments comme la ville, puis la fumé et le feu, et finalement j'ai ajouté les les dirigeable. 
J'adore le mood. 
N'hésitez pas à me donner vos commentaires, ils sont nécessaires si je veux m'améliorer. :) Alone
Probably the last form this set.
This was my first idea for the set :) 
I love the mood, but it's time for me to move to other creative project. 
See you soon Not so alone
I present you my latest projet:
Satyre prenant la fuite

I must say that this project is, up until now, the one that brought me the most, the nicest people I've met.

For this extremely demanding project, I had to ask for my favorite model: Dany Viens. He's always compliant and devoted. I asked him what kind of creature he'd like to embody. I suggested him a Werewolf, but he caught me by surprise and said: "a satyr..."   
I hesitated for a moment, and choose to go with it. 

Marco, my big brother (I had to say because everyone think I'm older... go figure!)  He fellowed us, and even agreed to play a part in the story (He played the Voodoo priest that you should see soon enough)

But this project go further by allowing me to meet new friends, Yves Houde: professional hair stylist and special effect make-up artist. And Sylvain Primeau, Yves's boyfriend and makeup assistant, photograph and coffee attendant ;)
Both are very generous to share their ideas, generous of their time and, well... generous 

And the last (but really not the least): Boris Pichotka, a talented 3D artist. Without him, I would never have decent Satyr legs. He immediately said yes to my request (without even knowing me) and he never asked anything in return.
He is generous and kind, I hope to have the chance to know him better.

I am so glad to share this experience with you, my friends.
I'm already working on other projects and ideas that, I deeply hope, will allow us to work together again.
I only have this to add: 
Thank you from all my heart, each of you brought me so much, each in your own way.
xxx Satyr's escape
This composite is a second chapter. Well, it comes before the satyr's escape. The Voodoo priest found a way to trick the Satyr, so he would serve him as long as the priest keep the doll in his possession. 
I want to thank my partners on this project, without them, there would be no image at all.
I really look forward our next project together :) 

Models: Marco Leclerc (a first experience for him) and Dany Viens 
FX Make-up artist: Yves Houde and Sylvain Primeau
3D artist: Boris Pichotka

Ce montage est le second de la série. Bon, en fait il vient avant la fuite du Satyre. Le prêtre Voodoo a réussi à piéger le Satyre, ce qui lui permet d'exiger pratiquement tout ce qu'il veut de ce dernier, tant qu'il conserve la poupée en sa possession. 
Je tiens vraiment à remercier mes partenaires dans ce projet (oui, encore) sans eux rien n'aurait pu être possible

Modèles: Marco Leclerc (une première pour lui) et Dany Viens
Maquillage effet spéciaux: Yves Houde et Sylvain Primeau
Artiste 3D: Boris Pichotka The warning
I'm going to let you guess what happen to the doll :) 
I took so many picture for "The Escape" photo shoot that I have plenty of them to work on.
So I choose this one to continue the story. 
I want to try to recreate the sparks pouring out of a fire.

Je vous laisse imaginer ce qui arrive de la poupée :)
J'ai pris tellement de photos pour "The Escape", ça me fait beaucoup de matériel. J'ai donc décidé de continuer l'histoire.
Je souhaitais recrée les tisons d'un feu de camp. What next?
What if angels were simply a weapon or a tool, used by God, to keep everything in line with his will? What if, for some reason, a small group rebelled and try their best to protect humanity?
Here's my vision of this war. Gabriel readying for battle in LA, wielding the Spear of light against those he once called: friends. We are weapons
Sometimes, you have time to kill.
I had this photo for a while but didn't know exactly what I wanted. 
But this morning, I simply tried something, I found the background on shutterstock. I've only realized after I bought the picture that the artist had induced his own style to it. I had to work a lot to get the Hue, saturation and the color balance to be even. 
I love the result, and I had a lot of fun doing it.
I hope you like Back Alley
Fooling around with my new smoking machine. IT'S AWESOME! 
The concept for this photo shoot is continuity with my very first composite (the bearded men under the highway. He stopped at a garage for some maintenance. More from this shoot on the way Garage smoke